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Virginia Living Museum

Virginia Living Museum

Project Title: Virginia Living Museum

Location: Newport News, VA

Project Description:

This project consisted of design and construction installation of 46.2kW roof mounted Solar PV system. The design is configured on five (5) wedge shaped sub arrays each comprising of three (3) strings of eleven (11) modules per string for a total of fifteen (15) strings thus totaling the 46.2kW solar DC capacity. Each string will be terminated within one (1) Combiner box with a DC disconnect and then routed to the Advanced Energy's PVP50kW Inverter where the DC to AC power conversion will take place. From the inverter, the AC conductors will be routed to an AC disconnect, this disconnect switch is a safety feature and is primarily for the utility personnel's use to take the PV system offline when utility work is being performed within the facility/area. From the AC disconnect, the conductors will be directed into the electrical room and tied into a 70A breaker located in a distribution panel that will feed the facility’s load requirements.

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