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Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Owner/Customer: Dominion Energy VA (customer)

Project Description:

Bay Electric Co., Inc., was awarded a contract for the installation of 3 school bus charging dispensers for Loudoun Counties 5 all electric buses. Bay performed all design, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning of each site. The scope included all underground conduits/cables necessary to feed the PCS’s (power conversion station) and charging dispensers, concrete equipment pads, replacement of sidewalks, all electrical connections, terminations, and installation and mounting of all equipment. Grading/seeding and paving for sites restoration was completed with the assistance of key subcontractors. Electric school buses are 60% less expensive to operate and maintain, which means that schools can invest more in students, teachers, and learning opportunities. The buses are also free of emissions, making the air in and around the bus cleaner and safer for students, teachers, and staff.