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Location: Newport News, Virginia

Owner/Customer: Bay Electric Co., Inc.

Project Description:

Originally installed in 2010. In 2021, Bay Electric completed a roof renovation and installation of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System on its headquarters building. The solar PV installation marks the largest commercial solar project in southeastern Virginia. Designed by Bay Electric Co., Inc., the photovoltaic systems uses more than 400 solar panels at 285 watts each to comprise a system of 101kWDC of solar-generated power for their commercial electrical service/utility. In addition to designing the solar PV system, Bay Electric installed metering to measure energy production and to measure what renewable energy has been sold back to the utility. When the photovoltaic system is operational, Bay Electric expects to generate more than 120,000 kilowatt hours per year as well as offset over 90 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Since beginning to produce electricity with solar power on December 7, 2010, Bay Electric’s PV system has generated 210,795.00 kilowatt hours to date.