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P516 Ship Repair Pier 5 Replacement

Pier 5 in Norfolk, VA

Project Title: P516 Ship Repair Pier 5 Replacement

Location: Norfolk, VA

Project Description:

P516 Ship Repair Pier 5 Replacement was awarded to accomplish the demolition of two (2) existing piers and construction of one (1) new pier. The work will include demolition of existing Piers 4 and 5, Berth 25, and Buildings 225, 250, 830, 1486 and 1570 con construct a new ship repair pier that is 1,225 feet in length and 230 feet in width. The work will replace the existing bulkhead berths (Berth 25 and 31) with new low-level relieving platform with mechanical and electrical shore-tie stations. The new pier will also include a 3,400 square foot restroom, a 2,280 square foot salt water pump station building, heavy weather mooring and 40 gauge portal crane rail track. Site preparation consisted of dredging the are from existing Pier 3 to Pier 6 to a depth of 47’+2’. The utility system included mechanical systems (steam, low pressure compressed air, fresh water, salt water (including a salt water pump for fire protection, cooking and flushing), storm water, sanitary sewer and oily waste water collection), electrical systems (installation of underground 34.5kV primary distribution at the pier, 13.8kV and 4160V secondary pier power with dual voltage switchgear and 480V shore-tie and industrial power distribution system and additional dual voltage switchgear and transformers for adjacent Pier 3), pier fire alarm, utility control system, lighting and communications (fiber optic lines for telephones, television and local area networks). At existing Pier 3, the following will be constructed: a 1,500 square foot restroom, heavy weather mooring and dual voltage switch gear with 4160V/13.8kV transformers

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